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OMG! Zach is the new Melchi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, y'all

OMG! Zach is the new Melchi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously
Broadway, baby!
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The OFFICIAL! Zach Is The New Melchi fanclub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG guys! Zach is going to be the new Melchior Gabor in Spring Awakening once Kyle Riabko goes out on tour! I know he's going to have TONS of fans, so here's where we can all get together and talk about how awesome and dreamy he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zachary was not born, he was molded by the Good Lord's own hands when God himself realized that the world needed at least one perfect specimen on the face of the earth. His hair is made of gold ... dark ... dark gold; his singing voice was stolen from an angel; his speaking voice was donated by a really incredible public speaker from lots of years ago. Zach started starring in Broadway shows the second he was out of the womb. How? He fell out when his mom was performing in one of the most incredible Broadway shows ever: CATS!! He skyrocketed to fame due to his charming personality, gorgeous voice, impeccable acting, and incredible good looks. He is currently in rehearsals for SPRING AWAKENING and will be starting during a special performance on August 3rd. GO SEE IT, MO FO!

If you don't know what Spring Awakening is, you're missing out! Check it out online! Best musical ever!


Ok. So, like, there’s this small town in Germany like a long time ago. And these kids are going through puberty and stuff, right? There’s this hot guy Melchior and his dorky friend Moritz who is scared of girls. But Melchior isn’t afraid of girls. All the girls are crushing on him because he’s a radical and really, really cute. So Melchior and this chick Wendla do it up on this swing while all the other kids watch. (OMG—you get to see her boobs and his ass!) And she gets knocked up because she doesn’t know where babies come from and then bad stuff happens. And then Moritz fails out of school and other bad stuff happens and everyone cries. And Melchior draws dirty pictures and sings a song called Totally Fucked and gets sent to juvie because of it and then there’s a knife fight like in West Side Story and then ghosts and lots of smoke machine. Oh, and there are some chicks with creepy fathers but at least their song is pretty. And these two guys kiss (OMG!). And I don’t exactly understand what’s going on with the adults, but they’re just basically tools, so it doesn’t matter. You can just ignore them pretty much, but some of the stuff they say is funny. And don’t worry about all the bad stuff that happens because at the end everyone lines up on stage and sings a really pretty song about purple summer. And I don’t know what it’s really about other than horses and flies and stuff, but it’s really pretty and happy, so it’s ok. And after the song, you don't want to like leave the theater and slit your wrists anymore or anything.

If you want to know more, just wikipedia it.